Whether your garage door is the gate for a residential setting or a commercial building, it’s safe to say your life gets thrown out of whack when your garage door opener stops working. It can keep you from being able to leave your home, keep you from being able to safely store your car for the night, and it can generally disrupt your day-to-day activities. 

That’s why we at 716 Garage Door Repair Services offer affordable, same-day-service for garage door opener repair and installations. Below, we’ll highlight the basics of garage door openers so that you can educate yourself on what the best next step is for your home or place of business’ garage door problem. 

Types Of Openers

Generally speaking, there are three types of garage door openers:

  • Screw Drive Openers – This maintenance-free system features a steel drive screw which engages directly with the motor. It needs no additional lubrication
  • Belt Drive Openers – Belt drive openers offer smooth and quiet operation. They are also well known for their durability and longstanding performance. 
  • Chain Drive Openers – Chain drive garage door openers are a great blend of value and performance. They are economical, reliable, and come in a variety of model types. 

All Major Brands

No matter the particular brand of garage door opener your home has, we are more than up for the challenge of servicing the brand. We’ll analyze and diagnose your issue to determine if a repair is possible. If not, we can install a new garage door opener for an affordable price. 

Garage Door Opener Repair Done Right

716 Garage Door Repair Services Inc. is a Buffalo garage door repair company that does things the right way. We offer professionally trained technicians who put the needs of our customers above everything else. We’ll talk you through whatever situation you might have so you can make the right decision for you and yours, whether it be repair, replace, or wait on the fix. We use quality parts, durable hardware, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your garage door is running properly. What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work!

Leave It To The Garage Door Pros

In case you are tempted to “DIY” the garage door opener repair project, allow us a word of warning: leave it to the professionals! These are complex systems, complete with loaded springs and heavy doors. Mistakes not only lead to more expensive repairs but also safety issues. Spare yourself the trouble and let us solve your problem in a cost-effective way. 716 Garage Door Repair Services Inc. offers reliable and affordable garage door installation and repair services in Buffalo and western New York!

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